Working on a new logo!

The Alumni Association is working on a new logo. Here’s a preview:

Here’s some additional info regarding the logo.

It’s really a logo for the Alumni Association, so we’re not really messing with the frat’s original logo. Also, we needed to ‘update’ it, because no one could locate the origial artwork!

The Greek translates as “You bet your sweet ass!”

7 thoughts on “Working on a new logo!

  1. Bryce Davis

    Looks pretty cool. I like the retro look, adds character to it. What’s the wording at the bottom say though?

  2. Robert C Hurbanis (Herbie)

    It depends how serious we are considering the tradition of the Turtles However, the proposed logo change is “cool” but not sure we need to change tradition.
    Plus, WHY do you want to change it?
    The answer to which may put certain insights into this change.
    thanks Herbie Hurbanis Class of 1954.

  3. Gonzalo "Gonzo" Gonzalez

    I personally like the concept, not too convinced about the yellow in our logo, though…excellent the Greek wording!

  4. John "Citizen" Kane

    I agree Gonzo! I like the Greek wording. Are you a Turtle?… As far as tradition, this is an alumni logo, no change to the actual ‘active’ Turtle logo. Good job guys.


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